Saturday, 15 February 2014

Feeling really pleased with myself!!!!!

Well I've just had my first day on my block of the month to make a Medallion quilt at my local quilting shop. I've been doing paper piecing and hadn't a clue what it was until Rosemary showed us but it's sooooo addictive, so much so I can't wait for next month. I have completed two of the squares to make up the middle and am well on with the other two. So, hopefully I will be able to finish them before next time Next class is flying geese which will be a new challenge all on it's own!!!
I keep looking up at the finished quilt which is hung on the wall with a bit of trepidation thinking will I be able to complete all that!!!!
I am also meeting some nice ladies, some of which are beginners like meso we all have a nice little chat too. I was quite envious because they were all talking about their sewing rooms. I've got a spare bedroom (be it only quite small) but I think with a few shelves and a good workspace area it just might all fit in. Will have to get DH to have a look with me see what we can do.
Just going to have a sit down now with a cup of hot choccie and do a bit of cross stitching. xx