Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nearly done!!!

Well the final border of my quilt has been done, now the putting together and hand quilting. I have never done this, been a cross stitcher for over 30  years so any tips for quilting would be gratefully received
I've aalso completed part two of my Halloween SAL
Since it had been ages that I had posted I said in the last post I would send out some goodies. I put all the names in my thread catcher
and the winner (picked out by the hubby) is........ Stichin by the lake!!! if you message me your address the goodies will get on their way to you x
Happy stitching everyone xx

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Halloween stitching in Belgium and goodies from Birmingham

Hi to one and all I can't believe it was March 30th the last time I posted. Things have been so busy and my health hasn't been so good I am on the waiting list for a new left hip.....have to put up with pain until then!!!
I have just had a week in Belgium with the hubby and got a lot done on my Halloween SAL from Gaynor at Stitchers Anon over in Ireland
The day before I went on my hols I visited  the quilt festival in Birmingham with a trip from my local sewing shop and got a few bits and bobs
while in Belgium we visited a beautiful town called Ypres where they have the war graves from WW1 they are beautifully kept. It was a really serene place and makes you think of all those that sacrificed their lives. The entry into Ypres is the Menin Gate where at 8.00pm every evening they remember those that lost their lives and do a bugle call

My last venture at my sewing class done in a day ....well proud of myself!!!
not too good a picture, it's a sewing wallet with 2 side zipped pockets and a clear middle pocket so easy to put together
Well it's getting quite late here and I know I will have an early start tomorrow as my Grand-daughter is staying she will be up at the crack of dawn.
For any of my blogging friends reading this please  if I can get at least 10 comments the first one picked out will receive some goodies as it is so long since I posted.....hope you  haven't all forgotten me!!!! happy stitching xxx Bev


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day and a few stitchy bits!!

Well I hope all you Mums out there are having a lovely day I've been spoilt by my boys.
I've been to my second block of the month for my Medallion quilt it was flying geese, which I really enjoyed doing though I had a little problem on the day in that my sewing machine started to 'die a death' so to speak so I only got one strip completed. My machine was over 20 years old so my DH treated me to a new one, it's a Husqvarna 100Q and I'm in love with it. You don't have to use a foot pedal if you don't want it's got a stop/start ( I know many of you will know about these things already but I didn't so I just find it amazing and so so quiet compared to my old one)!!!! Her's a picture of it so far
I've got a few stitchy things on going which I keep having a little turn at, I prefer to have a few so I don't get a little bored and start making mistakes!!!
One is chart/quilt from Six Penny Memories
A Country Spirits Easter chart
My crochet skills are getting a little better!!!
Here's a photo of my two Grand-daughter with yet more trophies for their ballroom/latin dancing, they're running out of space for them all
a real pair of cuties!!!
I'm off out dining now, I'm taking Mum and Dad out for Mothers day lunch then it will be stitching the rest of the day as I will be too full to any ironing!!!! (that's my excuse anyway) hehe!!!
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
Bev xx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Feeling really pleased with myself!!!!!

Well I've just had my first day on my block of the month to make a Medallion quilt at my local quilting shop. I've been doing paper piecing and hadn't a clue what it was until Rosemary showed us but it's sooooo addictive, so much so I can't wait for next month. I have completed two of the squares to make up the middle and am well on with the other two. So, hopefully I will be able to finish them before next time Next class is flying geese which will be a new challenge all on it's own!!!
I keep looking up at the finished quilt which is hung on the wall with a bit of trepidation thinking will I be able to complete all that!!!!
I am also meeting some nice ladies, some of which are beginners like meso we all have a nice little chat too. I was quite envious because they were all talking about their sewing rooms. I've got a spare bedroom (be it only quite small) but I think with a few shelves and a good workspace area it just might all fit in. Will have to get DH to have a look with me see what we can do.
Just going to have a sit down now with a cup of hot choccie and do a bit of cross stitching. xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello to my friends in blogging land it's been too long but so much as happened. My last blog way back in September was a really happy occasion my son's wedding............September 17th my D in L started her phased return back at school but  came home at lunchtime to find their kitchen on fire!! They had gone out left dishwasher on and it had caught fire, the kitchen door was open so.......smoke damage everywhere. From then until 20th December they have been living in the premier Inn in town, coming to me for meals and me doing all their laundry, so no time for much computer.

But they are in now and we got together to let the new Year in with a 'real bang', couldn't wait to kick out 2013!!and I'm so looking forward to this year.

I've had a lot of me time this holiday plenty of crafty things.
I started my Song of the seasons sampler again, I hadn't stitched a great deal but just didn't like the WDW linen so I've changed to a Sparklies hand Dyed evenweave.

I've got a couple of crochet projects, I've just started a Drop in the Pond lap blanket

When I visited the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show in November with my friends Kath  and Michelle I came across a stall called Hooked by design and she had some beautiful things, not cheap but I just couldn't resist this one, a granny square bag, here's a few of my squares

And finally my new Year crafty resolution and one where I might need some of you help and advice!!!
 I want to learn to quilt as there's a lovely new shop opened in my village called The Oh Sew Sweet shoppe. There's a little corner of lovely sweeties but the rest of the shop downstairs is full of material and quilting things. Upstairs is the room where she is doing workshops/classes. I've been to one to make a cushion......you will see my effort below, I was quite pleased with myself. I've also bought 3 fat quarters of material to start a project but it has to be easy so if anyone of you reading this has any ideas I would love to hear them. Hopefully I will be attending more classes throughout the year.
So a happy new year to one and all
                                              Bye for now xx Bev xx