Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nearly done!!!

Well the final border of my quilt has been done, now the putting together and hand quilting. I have never done this, been a cross stitcher for over 30  years so any tips for quilting would be gratefully received
I've aalso completed part two of my Halloween SAL
Since it had been ages that I had posted I said in the last post I would send out some goodies. I put all the names in my thread catcher
and the winner (picked out by the hubby) is........ Stichin by the lake!!! if you message me your address the goodies will get on their way to you x
Happy stitching everyone xx


  1. Your quilt and stitching look wonderful

  2. Gorgeous quilt, well done on such a super project.

  3. I love the quilt and the fabric you are stitching your Halloween SAL with!

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