Sunday, 4 August 2013

Totally Chilled more waysn than one!!!!!

Hi to all back in 'sunny' Mapplewell after a lovely week in St. Ives Cornwall, and what a pretty place it is too. I've never been to that part of the country before but will certainly be revisiting. We stayed in Carbis bay which was just one train stop into St Ives at the Cottage Hotel. Lovely food, which is so much better when you haven't cooked it yourself.

This was the view out of our bedroom window

St Ives bay

A very misty St Michaels Mount, it was a shame it was high tide when we visited I would love to have gone across.

Lands End we picked a misty morning, and very breezy too. Was trying to get a picture of Richard but the queue was massive. You could pay a guy to put on where you lived and how many miles, I took this quickly in between their shots!!

And even managed to fit some stitching in too!! It was lovely to sit in the chair in the room and just look out to the sea and stitch, very therapeutic!!!
And now the bad news!! hence the title of my post. We got home to a 'stinky' smell in the house and found out that our fridge freezer had 'died a death' sooooo we've had to go out this morning and invest in a new one which thankfully is coming tomorrow.
Happy stitching  to one and all xx Bev


  1. such a sweet post...
    sweet stitches too.
    hugs x

  2. I had forgot that st Micheals mount was down there. we will have to go to st mont michel when we next go to France, now that is impressive lol

  3. gorgeous views :) and love the progress on the stitching .... shame about the freezer ... were you covered on insurance ???? love mouse xxxxx

  4. Love that part of the country! I've visited a Mount St Michael's but it was the French one!!! Yes, they have one too :D Sorry about the not to nice surprise when you came back home. I'm sure your new one will be great :)

  5. Spectacular views, a part of the UK I have never been to bit keep saying I will.

  6. Sorry about the fridge freezer

  7. Beautiful views!! Yuck on the fridge though!

  8. ooOoo! That is beautiful. Good for you. Too bad about the fridge. Here is a link to tell you about funnel cakes. :)