Sunday, 8 September 2013

wedding weekend

Well it's been back to the usual routine this week, school started, busy busy, by the end of the week it seemed like we had never just had six weeks off!! The nights are drawing in quite fast now and it's so much cooler. Friday we had torrential rain and the forecast for the next day wasn't so good so we were thinking large brollies for the wedding but, on the day the sun was shining.
I had such a lovely day  everything was just perfect so I thought I would share a few photos with you all
My son Steven is on the right, his best man Karl on the left and 'my top man' Christian in front
                                          The bride and groom, just married
                                                        signing the register
                                                My three little darlings!!

                                                           Grandad's little princess!!
                               My oldest son Ian, his partner Alice on the left and my niece
                                                                       Mum and Dad

                                         and finally the cake, it looked far too nice to have to cut up
The other good news was that the day before Jackie went to see her neuro-surgeon and everything was good, there was no trace of anymore tumour and things were good. So it's a good start to their married life.
I have managed to fit a bit of stitching in this week but can't share with you yet because one is a Halloween exchange on my x stitch monthly group and the other is a Christmas ornament, so all will be revealed soon. Happy stitching to everyone and hope you all have a lovely week xx Bev


  1. Lovely photos Bev I had forgot it was this weekend.

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple, wishing them many hapoy and healthy years ahead of them both.

  3. Lovely photos bev..and really good news about the tumour!