Thursday, 23 May 2013

Guess what I'm stitching??

Hi, well I've just had a stitchy night here at mine with my lovely friends Kath ,Michelle and Christine. There's never a lot of stitching done really but lots of chatting, laughing and of course a bun!! Tonight's delight was chocolate muffins made today by my two Grand-daughters.

Well the blogging world is quite new to me and I am eager to get new followers so what I thought I would do is have a little competition and I will send a surprise stitching package to the winner. Sooooo  guess what I am stitching?? xx Bev

                                                         Happy stitching xx


  1. I Know ... I know .... heheheh love mouse xxxxxx

  2. I think we all need this little ......
    For me it is so important that I force myself to it even if I am in a bad mood because of a bad situation.
    I hope you are still in the honeymoon and that you enjoy your days.

    I am a follower although I don't write so often.
    Have anice day

  3. Dropped by to follow your new blog after 'hearing' about it from Gaynor at Stitchers Anon. WELCOME TO THE FUN!

    Are you stitching 'Needleworker' by LHN? I have been thinking of doing that one.

  4. Same as Parsley, heard from you via Stitchers Anon!!!
    I have absolutely no idea what you're stitching but as I'm now a follower, I'll be back to find out more! :D Have a stitch-tastic day x

  5. Same as parsley and mii..heard from via stitcher anon :)
    She is a very sweet friend :)
    Your stitching coming along so lovely..
    Hugs x

  6. Another new follower courtesy of Gaynor! I have no idea what you're stitching - sorry. Still I'll be able to see it come to life as you continue :)

  7. I don't have any idea what that's going to be, but isn't that what we love about this craft - watching the design come to life on our blank fabric? I'm another who came to meet you thanks to Gaynor.